Ralph R. “Rick” Steinke

“With sharp prose, terse drama, and short chapters, it’s positively evident that Collins has skillfully combined his James Pattersonesque writing style with his several years of service as a US diplomat.”

John Nicolay, PhD

“This is a terrific book, much in sync with current events. It is edgy. The characters are real. I rooted for the protagonists Alex and Jolene, found the villainous al-Sadi the soul of deception and detached cruelty. The book moves quickly. The plot is smart,...

Samuel G. Tooma

“I loved the fact that both the protagonist and antagonist were dominant females. The extremely fast pace of the story is mind blowing. I couldn’t put the book down. The thought processes of both the good and bad guys put me and kept me in the middle of the action of...

Paul Bailey

“The General’s Briefcase is a gripping . . . engrossing . . . well-developed book. A terrific read.”

Ralph R. “Rick” Steinke

“Through a highly convincing plot with credible characters and realistic conversations between them, Ray Collins masterfully presents a fast-paced national security threat scenario directed against the United States. Devoid of unexplained acronyms and the hyperbole...