Motive for Murder

What happens when conflict between two families in Taiwan 30 years earlier leads to murder?

The General's Briefcase

What happens when domestic terrorists steal a blueprint for how to destroy key targets in the United States?


The contest between two women:

One seeking revenge on an America she believes wronged her family and one striving to live down the scandal that got her fired from the CIA.

A suspenseful search for terrorists ranges across the US and Europe.

About the Author

Ray Collins

Ray Collins grew up in the Midwest, attended Yale, and was drafted as an Army combat infantryman during his junior year. He married Betty Ann when mustered out of the service. Ray attended Princeton, where Betty Ann had twins (Jim and Ann) and he earned an MPA. Joining State as a foreign service officer, his first assignment was Manila, Philippines where Betty Ann had their third child (Nori). He became a Japanese language and East Asia specialist during his second assignment in Japan, where their fourth child (Susan) was born.

Ray Collins author of The General's Briefcase

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The General’s Briefcase

When General Winston invites a beautiful woman to his hotel room in Tysons, Virginia, he expects a romantic sexcapade. Dana Hussein al-Sadi turns the tables, assassinates the general, and steals his briefcase containing a blueprint for terrorism. Dana’s elite terrorist cell travels to Europe to acquire suitcase nuclear weapons from the Russian Mafia. Jolene Martin, author of the report, is picked by Alex Werth (who initially suspects her of having shot the general) to be co-leader of the team responsible for finding Winston’s killer and stopping the impending disaster. The search for the terrorists and the missing bombs comes to focus on the Eastern United States, particularly the greater Washington, DC area. In the climax, the conflict between Dana and Jolene is resolved at her horse farm in rural Virginia.

The reviews are in . . .

Ralph R. “Rick” Steinke

“With sharp prose, terse drama, and short chapters, it’s positively evident that Collins has skillfully combined his James Pattersonesque writing style with his several years of service as a US diplomat."

Ralph R. “Rick” Steinke
Award-Winning Author of Major Jake Fortina and the Tier One Threat and Next Mission: US Defense Attaché to France

Samuel G. Tooma

“I loved the fact that both the protagonist and antagonist were dominant females. The extremely fast pace of the story is mind blowing. I couldn’t put the book down. The thought processes of both the good and bad guys put me and kept me in the middle of the action of the story.”

Samuel G. Tooma
Author of Assassin’s Revenge and The SOOF

Paul Bailey

The General’s Briefcase is a gripping . . . engrossing . . . well-developed book. A terrific read.”

Paul Bailey
Author of Homecoming and Blood Will Tell

Les Lo Baugh

Motive for Murder will draw you into the exciting chase for a serial killer. Political and international intrigue are woven together to form a tapestry of deception. The nonstop action is an adrenaline roller coaster that will keep you guessing.”

Les Lo Baugh
Author of Synergy


Motive for Murder

Motive for Murder is a classic serial killer thriller. Rookie detective Hana Brown is assigned a gruesome murder of a female Asian by the Fairfax County Police Department in the mistaken belief it is a routine gang killing. The new Chief of Police proudly announces Hana’s role to the media to profit from news coverage of how she was wounded in Chinatown when her detective father was assassinated by drug dealers. By the time FCPD realizes the victim is the first of a series of homicides of Chinese American women with notes signed Jack the Ripper, it’s too late to replace Hana. An FBI agent detailed to Fairfax is chosen as her deputy, despite his protests, and endorses the belief a serial killer is the culprit. A news reporter who attracts Hana’s romantic interest advances a competing theory that political intrigue is the true motive behind the murders.

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