Ralph R. “Rick” Steinke

“With sharp prose, terse drama, and short chapters, it’s positively evident that Collins has skillfully combined his James Pattersonesque writing style with his several years of service as a US diplomat.”

Samuel G. Tooma

“I loved the fact that both the protagonist and antagonist were dominant females. The extremely fast pace of the story is mind blowing. I couldn’t put the book down. The thought processes of both the good and bad guys put me and kept me in the middle of the action of...

Paul Bailey

“The General’s Briefcase is a gripping . . . engrossing . . . well-developed book. A terrific read.”

Les Lo Baugh

“Motive for Murder will draw you into the exciting chase for a serial killer. Political and international intrigue are woven together to form a tapestry of deception. The nonstop action is an adrenaline roller coaster that will keep you guessing.”